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This is just an example of how many ways there are to say the same thing in the English language. We love our redundancy! They're both the same it's just the words that come after will change depending on which variation you use, but most of the time they're the same. much sooner.

In possible

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🤩. Traduzioni in contesto per "It is possible" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: is it possible, it is not possible, it is possible that, it is also possible, whether it is possible Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share. 189+7 sentence examples: 1. My object will be, if possible, to form Christian men, for Christian boys Ican scarcely hope to make. 2. Keep the children out of earshot if possible.

The timely and appropriate nature of services make it possible to affirm a right: the right to health. adj.

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A number of investigations, mainly using in vitro and animal models, have demonstrated a wide range of possible mechanisms, by which probiotics may play a  Ray Zahab. In 2008, Ray founded impossible2Possible to inspire and educate youth through adventure learning, inclusion and participation in expeditions. possible and likely mean capable of becoming true or of actually happening. possible is used when something may happen or exist under the proper conditions.

In possible

in possible game - Arbetsblad PDF - Purpose Games

In possible

My object will be, if possible, to form Christian men, for Christian boys Ican scarcely hope to make.

Imagine a new way of working.
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In possible

1. capable of existing, taking place, or proving true without contravention of any natural law.

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POSSIBLE EXECUTION ▷ Swedish Translation - Examples Of Use

much sooner. by preference. for preference. from choice. in preference. as a matter of choice.

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more readily. We ought, if possible, to define in consonance with the denotation.

I think that building the entire set in two days is possible, albeit difficult. Synonyms for possible. achievable, attainable, doable, feasible, practicable, realizable, IN POSSIBLE Powersport is My Life Powersport. By: admin. In: Powersport. April 23, 2021. 0; 0; 0.